Joni Siani

Joni Siani

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Joni Siani, Media and Communications scholar, has been working as a social scientist, dynamic lecturer and higher education instructor throughout the Boston, Massachusetts area for more than 12 years. Siani began her relationship with the media as an international radio and television personality throughout the 80s and 90s in Miami, Great Britain, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Boston. She has covered the world of pop culture as a journalist and entertainment reporter interviewing rock, film, and television stars, along with newsmakers and political icons for more than 30 years.

The exponential shift in technology and the relational effects of our personal development, our interpersonal communication and our global society has been the focus of her current research within the exciting and growing field of Media Psychology. Siani explains, “Every decade has had the luxury of a slower adaptation to the technological advances introduced to our society. However, for those growing up in the digital age, human interaction changes instantly. With each new technological trend, kids and young adults are expected to know how to behave, yet each new trend lacks any guidelines and protocol. We are now seeing some uninten


Celling Your Soul (2017)

Role: Producer

Celling Your Soul is a unique film offering proven solutions to the impact of our digitally demanding world. This award winning documentary offers an eye-opening revelation exposing the truth about the shaping effects of our 24/7 connectivity, including the unintended consequences on our health, stress, anxiety, and the addictive nature of our devices Celling Your Soul reveals the reasons why we’re seeing a decline in soft-skills and hindered development of young people. Celling Your Soul features a passionate group of the “digitally socialized” generation telling their very personal, extremely embarrassing and emotional stories in a brutally honest peer to peer narrative and offering solutions for the world from the results of their ground breaking social science project.

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