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Celling Your Soul

A film by Joni Siani

Celling Your Soul 

In one short decade, we have totally changed the way we interact with one another. The millennial generation, the first to be socialized in a digital world, is now feeling the unintended consequences. No one has been more affected by the swift changes in the way we interact with one another more then the digital natives…and the natives are restless. Research now shows a population with an exponential increase in stress, anxiety, depression, attention deficit and obsessive-compulsive behavior who are the most technically advanced yet have become a more socially awkward generation.

59% of teens feel they’re addicted to their smartphones.

Common Sense Media

The more times teens spend looking at screens,the more likely they are to report symptoms of depression.

Jean M. Twenge author, iGen

The documentary Celling Your Soul boldly examines the effects of “digital socialization” by taking viewers on a personal journey with a group of high school and college students who discover the power of authentic human connectivity and how there is “No App” or piece of technology that can ever replace the benefits of human connection.

Celling Your Soul is the first step to elevating the conversation about the root causes of the current issues. Combined with workshops, lectures and educational materials, Celling Your Soul is already changing lives. 

Host a film screening and powerful conversation with your families, friends, educators and community.

Joni Siani, media scholar and award winning filmmaker gets to the heart and soul of our digital struggles with a presentation of her film and revealing Q & A.  Siani’s work and education in media literacy, communication and psychology has been the foundation for this solution-based project that focuses on balanced and authentic human connectivity within the digital landscape.  

This comprehensive event addresses your questions on:

Tech addiction – Digital Socialization – Personal Communication Development – Texting and Driving- Cell Phone Policies for Schools – Teen Anxiety and Depression Associated with Smart Phone habits – Family Communication – Sexting 


“Offers sound advice on how to monitor one’s social media usage and how to judge what is the best application of technology…Appealingly genuine.” 

Geri Diorio, School Library Journal

“Very useful and engaging. Like fish in water, we have come to rely on anytime/anywhere access to information, content, and each other. This is especially true of young people growing up in today’s digital environment. This film takes the fish out of water for a fresh perspective on its bowl – and the broader world around it.” 

Dr. Scott W. Campbell, Professor of Telecommunications, University of Michigan

Siani’s enthusiasm is contagious, and through that enthusiasm she caused a paradigm shift in the way AAA Northeast chose to educate young people about distracted driving.

Diana Imondi, AAA Northeast  

Create a fundraiser for your school or organization, book a workshop for faculty members, host a family and community screening with Q&A, film guide, promotional materials.

Film time: 48 Minutes

Q & A and Presentation: 60 minutes

Contact Laura Azevedo at: or to learn more about a customized event and discount film purchase of Celling Your Soul.


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