Cecilia Caraballo AcevedoEmerson CollegeIndependent Filmmaker
Stewart AdamCreative Audio WorksOther
Jenny AlexanderIndependent FilmmakerThe Vigil
Chelsea: An Essential City
Nubar AlexanianWalker Creek Media, LLCIndependent FilmmakerFinding Armenia
Recipe for Disaster - Green Crabs in the Great Marsh
Nicole Amelio-CasperAmelio MediaLLCIndependent FilmmakerThe Journey Back to Normal-A Look at Complementary Therapies to Combat PTSD
HIDDEN WOUNDS - The Documentary – Aims to Tell the Raw Story.
Shareen AndersonMystic Film Festival OtherMystic Film Festival
Clifford AndersonMusic For Film, Games & MultimediaComposer
Shayna AppelOtherWhat in God's Name
Paula S. ApsellLeading Edge Productions Inc.Independent Filmmaker
Ralph ARLYCKTimed ExposuresIndependent Filmmaker
Fax BahrWater Warriors Project, LLCIndependent FilmmakerWaterkeeper
Mauricio BaiocchiCrickets Would SingDirectorCrickets Would Sing
JoAnna Baldwin MalloryProducer
Michael BavaroDigital Freeway®Independent FilmmakerThe Story of Saving Prouty Garden
William BenkerThoreau BurrowsIndependent Filmmaker
Eric BergquistAnalogy PicturesDirectorThe Chronic Adventure Story
Sheila Curran BernardIndependent Filmmaker
Aaron BiebertIndependent FilmmakerVIDA Voices
Franziska BlomeBlueSpark CollaborativeIndependent FilmmakerBound By Blood
Ellen BrodskyIndependent FilmmakerThe Year We Thought About Love
25 Texans in the Land of Lincoln
E. Philip BrownProducerThe Queen of Connemara
The Socialists of Shoe City
Hilary Finkel BuxtonAmerican Public TelevisionIndependent Filmmaker
Alvin CaseSquare MediumIndependent FilmmakerDockstader
Tani CohenWater Warriors Project, LLCIndependent FilmmakerWaterkeeper
Sarah ColtIndependent FilmmakerWalt Disney
Henry Ford
Lorie ConwayProducer
Cecelia ConwayOther
Valarie D'EliaD'Elia Travel ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerSaving Southern Italy
Christopher DawesDawes DigitalIndependent Filmmaker
Laura DeBarIndependent FilmmakerBull City International Film Festival
Rob DelGaudioBlack Pearl Productions, Inc.Independent FilmmakerBlame It On Gutenberg
Kathryn DietzIndependent FilmmakerHenry's World
Date Night
Stories from the Spectrum
One Step at a Time
Cartooning America: The Fleischer Brothers Story
Jon DunhamLA RomaProducerBoston
The Team
Partenope: Finding a Lost City
Ferrari: Legend of the Prancing Horse
Herculaneum: Reading the Invisible
Susan EdwardsIndependent Filmmaker
Boyd EstusHeliotrope Studios Ltd.Independent Filmmaker
Mary A. C. FallonIndependent Filmmaker
Rachel FieldANTHROPOMEDIADirector
Kerthy FixFix FilmsIndependent FilmmakerEcstatic
Catie FoertschIndependent FilmmakerMeatgrinder
Eric FormanForman FilmsProducerDead Time
Joshua GaestelArborcast FilmsIndependent FilmmakerCANDY CAKES
Dom GarrettCreative NorthernIndependent FilmmakerVIDA Voices
Walter GavinGavin Media NU WorldProducerBlackface TV: From Amos ‘n Andy to Bridgerton
Kate GeistvgeisIndependent FilmmakerUri Shulevitz
Tatyana GessenIndependent FilmmakerUnprotected Senses
Lex GillespieIndependent FilmmakerThe Mamboniks
Michal GoldmanIndependent FilmmakerNasser's Republic: The Making of Modern Egypt
A Jumpin’ Night in the Garden of Eden
At Home in Utopia
David GrubinDavid Grubin ProductionsIndependent Filmmaker
Julie GustafsonIndependent FilmmakerHigh Anxiety: A Memoir of Genetic Karma
Shelby HaddenDirectorWinning My Virginity
J.R. HardmanIndependent FilmmakerReenactress
Pam Hervey19RED - FUELProducer
Emily HofelichIndependent Filmmaker
Tracie HolderThe Papp ProjectIndependent Filmmaker
Will HolmanSuper Star Power ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerFORK & STONE
Berna HuebnerIndependent FilmmakerI Remember Better When I Paint
Vicki HughesProducerThe Green Box: At The Heart Of a Purple Heart
Anatoly IvanovOther
Stephen JamesContemporary Heroism Initiative, LLCIndependent FilmmakerConversations with Solomon
Graham JuddD-Facto Films LLCIndependent FilmmakerAMERICAN MUSLIMS: A HISTORY REVEALED
Maximina JusonHUMoviesIndependent Filmmaker
Laurie KahnBlueberry Hill ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerLove Between the Covers
Y2Y: A Bold Experiment
A Midwife's Tale
Jim KaneLens & Guide ProductionsIndependent Filmmaker
Marcy KayestoryboothOtherStorybooth
Ryan KelleyIntersection FilmsIndependent Filmmaker
Kenneth LacoutureOther
Daniel LoveringBagamor MediaIndependent FilmmakerMotorcycle Man
Roger LyonsIndependent FilmmakerEtched in Glass: The Legacy of Steve Ross
Mickela MallozziSauce & Liver Productions,LLCProducerBare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi
Juan MandelbaumIndependent FilmmakerGeovision
Jason MarderIndependent Filmmaker
Kathy McCabeIndependent FilmmakerDream of Italy: Under The Tuscan Sun
Garrard McClendonDuthga FilmsIndependent FilmmakerForgiving Cain
Danny McFarlandIndependent FilmmakerChef's Sanctuary
Jon MercerPixela Pictura FilmsIndependent Filmmaker
Roberto MightyCelestial Media LLCIndependent Filmmaker
Allen Mooreamoore@mica.eduIndependent FilmmakerReturn to Berneray
PJ MoynihanDigital Eyes FilmIndependent FilmmakerHealing Voices
Recovering Addiction:
Jen MyronukSTEM on StageProducerManya: The Living History of Marie Curie
John NakashimaDirectorGeorge Nakashima, Woodworker
Jamie NiesTed Reed ProductionsIndependent Filmmaker
Northern Light ProductionsProducerThe Lost Ancestors
One Day at a Time
Sally NorthropProducerSwell
Joel OlickerPowderhouse ProductionsProducer
Andrew OlsonSaint-SomewhereIndependent Filmmaker
Chris OwenProducerWhat in God's Name
Stitch, Breathe, Speak: The George Floyd Quilts
Laura PachecoRock Salt CreativeIndependent Filmmaker
Melissa PeabodyIndependent FilmmakerGreen Hairstreak & The Butterfly Man
Diane PearlmanLong Pond Films LLCProducer
Aaron Peirano GarrisonIndependent Filmmaker
Tom PhillipsOBT MusicComposerOBT Music
Gene PinaManola FilmsIndependent FilmmakerCareer Change
Nancy PorterNancy Porter Productions. LLCIndependent FilmmakerLouise May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women
Alex RappoportWith Peter Bradley LLCIndependent FilmmakerWith Peter Bradley
Ted ReedTed Reed ProductionsIndependent Filmmaker
Tricia ReidyIndependent Filmmaker
Justin ReifertNever Again Para Nadie LLCIndependent Filmmaker
Blythe RobertsonProducerWe're All Here
Subrina RobinsonIndependent Filmmaker
Diana RodgersKale vs. Cow, LLCProducerThe Global Food Justice Alliance
Michael RogersPersistent ProductionsDirectorThe Thin Grey Line
Alison RoseInigo Films Inc.Independent FilmmakerThe Infinite Telescope
Justin RoweFrontage Road StudiosDirector
Mark SalloumHighway MediaIndependent FilmmakerThe Greatest Generation: Let Us Not Forget
Lloyd SalomoneFlower Power Production Inc.Independent Filmmaker
NED SCANNELLCollective Subconscious ProductionsIndependent Filmmaker
Rebecca SchorschNext Chapter ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerLife in Reverse
Naomi Schorsch Stein Next Chapter Productions Independent FilmmakerLife in Reverse
Ross SchriftmanIndependent FilmmakerMy Million Dollar Mom
Jonathan SchwartzSETMD Audacious Film and DigitalIndependent FilmmakerRed Rebels: Mime performers sound a code red on climate change
Josh SeftelJosh Seftel ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerThe Secret Life of Muslims
How To Fix a Primary
Stranger at the Gate
Meghan SheaPersistent ProductionsDirectorDown With X
The Thin Grey Line
Joni SianiNo App For Life, LLCIndependent FilmmakerCelling Your Soul
Bonnie SilvaSagacity ProductionsProducerLillian Wald
An Act of Dog
Mike SilvaVESSELIndependent FilmmakerJUMP
Jamil SimonSpectrum MediaProducerBeyond Diplomacy: Building Sustainable Peace
War Stories Peace Stories
Kim SmithIndependent FilmmakerBeauty on the Wing - Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly
Holly StadtlerDream Catcher Films Entertainment IncIndependent FilmmakerThe Green Box: At The Heart Of a Purple Heart
Mark SteeleMark Steele ProductionsProducer
Tad StoermerStørmerlige Productions LLCIndependent Filmmaker
Alice StoneIndependent FilmmakerAngelo Unwritten
Jan SutcliffeEditorStitch, Breathe, Speak: The George Floyd Quilts
Peter SwansonGlobal Visions and Associates, Inc.ProducerA Question of Values: The ICCR Story
Signe TaylorIndependent FilmmakerDirectorCircus Dreams
It's Criminal
Rusty ThompsonIndependent Filmmaker
Lori TobinOtherTaking A Toke
Mahyad TousiBoomGen StudiosIndependent FilmmakerStarfish Accelerator
Ursula UlmiUlmi FilmIndependent Filmmaker
MACDARA VALLELYMACHA PRODUCTIONSIndependent FilmmakerWhich Side Are You On? The Life and Death of Mike Quill
Alexandra WagmanSunday Dinner ProductionsIndependent Filmmaker
Michael WarnerFrontage Road StudiosProducerIgnore Us No More
Matt WechslerHourglass FilmsIndependent FilmmakerRight To Harm
Gary WenteCourtMedia, LLCIndependent Filmmaker
Ernest White IIPresidio PicturesProducerFLY BROTHER
Sue WilliamsAmbrica ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerDeath By Design
Callie WiserFive O'Clock FilmsIndependent Filmmaker
Wade WoffordHappy Wasteland StudiosDirector
Debbie WrightIndependent FilmmakerFrom Liberty to Captivity
Juan Carlos ZaldivarPhonograph FilmsDirector