Robert AbbottHey Abbott! EntertainmentDirectorPort of Destiny: Peace
Brenda Abdelall midEATSProducerBanned Foods
Jenny AlexanderIndependent FilmmakerThe Vigil
Nubar AlexanianWalker Creek Media, LLCIndependent FilmmakerScars of Silence (working title)
Recipe for Disaster - Green Crabs in the Great Marsh
Clifford AndersonMusic For Film, Games & MultimediaComposer
Shayna AppelOtherWhat in God's Name
Elizabeth ArledgeIndependent Filmmaker
Marie ArloConversation ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerThe Conversations
Sabrina AvilesBoston Latino International Film FestivalIndependent Filmmaker
JoAnna Baldwin MalloryProducerEinstein's Universe
Thomas BallMr.Independent Filmmaker
Anne BarliantIndependent FilmmakerBeyond The End of the World
Martha BarylickMerrywidow FilmsProducerBallerina Boys
Signe BaumaneIndependent FilmmakerMy Love Affair With Marriage
Michael BavaroDigital Freeway®Independent FilmmakerThe Story of Saving Prouty Garden
Sheila Curran BernardIndependent Filmmaker
Ron BlauIndependent FilmmakerLife Is All There Is
Ellen BrodskyIndependent FilmmakerThe Year We Thought About Love
Bringing it Home
Joy Buolamwini ProducerCode4Rights
Algorithmic Justice League: Unmasking Bias
Jeffrey CarlsonIndependent Filmmaker
Jonathan CaseIndependent Filmmaker
Alvin CaseSquare MediumIndependent FilmmakerDockstader
Christian ChapraW & C PicturesProducerOne Shot
Sarah ColtIndependent FilmmakerWalt Disney
Henry Ford
Lorie ConwayProducerBECOMING MANDELA
Emily CorenIndependent FilmmakerRhythm and Glue
Bestor CramNorthern Light ProductionsDirector
Andrew CromeyPixel PiIndependent Filmmaker
Garen DalyIndependent FilmmakerThe Orson Welles Complex
Joshua DeFourDirectorThe 11th Order
Kathryn DietzIndependent FilmmakerHenry's World
Date Night
Stories from the Spectrum
One Step at a Time
John DonvanA Place in the WorldIndependent FilmmakerIn a Different Key
John DowaloInspired FilmworksIndependent Filmmaker
Jon DunhamLA RomaProducerBoston
The Team
Nina EastonSellersEaston Media LLCProducerPort of Destiny: Peace
Lucy EgisserianIndependent FilmmakerDirectorNot Your Average Citizen
Boyd EstusHeliotrope Studios Ltd.Independent Filmmaker
Mark FastosoProducerThe Darkest Hour
Kori FeenerIndependent FilmmakerBea
Rachel FieldANTHROPOMEDIADirector
HipStory FilmsProducerProject Forgotten
Catie FoertschIndependent FilmmakerMeatgrinder
Eric FormanForman FilmsProducerDead Time
Chana GazitDirectorBallerina Boys
Kate GeistvgeisIndependent Filmmaker
Tatyana GessenIndependent FilmmakerUnprotected Senses
Lex GillespieIndependent FilmmakerThe Mamboniks
Michal GoldmanIndependent FilmmakerNasser's Republic: The Making of Modern Egypt
A Jumpin’ Night in the Garden of Eden
At Home in Utopia
Patricia GoudvisIndependent FilmmakerWHEN WE WERE YOUNG / THERE WAS A WAR
Susan GrayNorthern LightProducerOne Day at a Time
Robert GreimRobert Greim ProductionsIndependent Filmmaker
Sharon GrimbergIndependent FilmmakerUnder the Big Top: America and the Circus
David GrubinDavid Grubin ProductionsIndependent Filmmaker
Julie GustafsonIndependent FilmmakerHigh Anxiety: A Memoir of Genetic Karma
Shelby HaddenIndependent FilmmakerTightly Wound
J.R. HardmanIndependent FilmmakerReenactress
Linda HarrarIndependent FilmmakerWorld in the Balance
Robin HessmanIndependent FilmmakerMy Perestroika
Emily HofelichIndependent Filmmaker
Berna HuebnerIndependent FilmmakerI Remember Better When I Paint
Daniel JamousIndependent Filmmaker
Graham Judd32-12 Media LLCIndependent FilmmakerMuslims in America
Laurie KahnBlueberry Hill ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerLove Between the Covers
Y2Y: A Bold Experiment
A Midwife's Tale
Ryan KelleyIntersection FilmsIndependent Filmmaker
Dane LillegardBoardwalk PicturesIndependent Filmmaker
Daniel LoveringBagamor MediaIndependent FilmmakerMotorcycle Man
Roger LyonsIndependent FilmmakerEtched in Glass: The Legacy of Steve Ross
Stephen LyonsIndependent FilmmakerThe Mystery of Matter
Across the Pacific
Randy MacLowryThe Film PosseProducerSighted Eyes / Feeling Heart
Juan MandelbaumIndependent FilmmakerGeovision
Kathy McCabeIndependent FilmmakerDream of Italy: Under The Tuscan Sun
Maura McCarthyUncommon ProductionsProducer
Garrard McClendonDuthga FilmsIndependent FilmmakerForgiving Cain
Michele MeekNewEnglandFilm.comDirectorOnline New England Film Festival
Tim MetzgerRed Antelope FilmsIndependent Filmmaker
Michele MitchellIndependent FilmmakerThe Conversations
Haiti: Where Did The Money Go?
The Uncondemned
Allen MooreIndependent FilmmakerBea
Return to Berneray
Ben MosesAppleseed EntertainmentDirectorI Am a Ukrainian: Witness to a Revolution
Postcards from Ukraine
A Whisper to a Roar
Jen MyronukSTEM on StageProducerManya: The Living History of Marie Curie
John NakashimaDirectorGeorge Nakashima, Woodworker
Sally NorthropProducerSwell
Cray Novick1994Independent FilmmakerThe Genetics of Hope
Joel OlickerPowderhouse ProductionsProducer
Jacqueline OliveDirectorAlways in Season
Andrew OlsonSaint-SomewhereIndependent Filmmaker
Chris OwenProducerWhat in God's Name
Melissa PeabodyIndependent FilmmakerGreen Hairstreak & The Butterfly Man
Nuria PellicerProducer
Tom PhillipsOBT MusicComposerOBT Music
Perry PickertIndependent FilmmakerSoldier ( working title)
American Moxie
Alexandra PinschmidtDon't Take That Receipt!DirectorDon't Take That Receipt!
Nancy PorterNancy Porter Productions. LLCIndependent FilmmakerLouise May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women
Elias PosadaBoy Niño ProductionsProducerStormie
Robert RapleyApograph ProductionsIndependent Filmmaker
Jennifer RedfearnRed Antelope FilmsIndependent Filmmaker
Diana RodgersKale vs. Cow, LLCProducerSacred Cow
Alison RoseInigo Films Inc.Independent Filmmaker
Louise RubackyAmerican Moxie Media, LLCDirectorSoldier ( working title)
American Moxie
Lloyd SalomoneFlower Power Production Inc.Independent Filmmaker
Jason SchmidtIndependent FilmmakerThe Maneuver
Ross SchriftmanIndependent FilmmakerMy Million Dollar Mom
Josh SeftelJosh Seftel ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerThe Secret Life of Muslims
Abdul for Michigan Documentary Project
Meghan SheaPersistent ProductionsDirectorDown With X
Joni SianiNo App For Life, LLCIndependent FilmmakerCelling Your Soul
Bonnie SilvaSagacity ProductionsProducerLillian Wald
An Act of Dog
Mike SilvaIndependent Filmmaker
Jamil SimonSpectrum MediaProducerBeyond Diplomacy: Building Sustainable Peace
Kim SmithIndependent FilmmakerBeauty on the Wing - Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly
Ronn SmithIndependent Filmmaker
Marcia SoviakIndependent Filmmaker
Annie SpeicherHourglass FilmsIndependent FilmmakerRight To Harm
Alice StoneIndependent FilmmakerAngelo Unwritten
Tracy Heather Strain StrainThe Film PosseDirectorSighted Eyes / Feeling Heart
Peter SwansonGlobal Visions and Associates, Inc.ProducerA Question of Values: The ICCR Story
Nora SwideyIndependent Filmmaker
Signe TaylorIndependent FilmmakerDirectorCircus Dreams
It's Criminal
Rusty ThompsonIndependent Filmmaker
Lori TobinOther
MACDARA VALLELYMACHA PRODUCTIONSIndependent FilmmakerWhich Side Are You On? The Life and Death of Mike Quill
Harold WagnerIndigo SoundEditor
Matt WechslerHourglass FilmsIndependent FilmmakerRight To Harm
Sue WilliamsAmbrica ProductionsIndependent FilmmakerDeath By Design
Megan WilliamsLA Roma FilmsProducerBoston
Callie WiserFive O'Clock FilmsIndependent Filmmaker
Debbie WrightIndependent FilmmakerFrom Liberty to Captivity
Erik YeagerIndependent FilmmakerFinding DeGrazia
Tug YourgrauIndependent Filmmaker
Caren ZuckerA Place in the WorldIndependent FilmmakerIn a Different Key