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Private: Fragile Island of Peace

A film by Jamil Simon

Like its neighbor Rwanda, Burundi suffered from years of horrific ethnic violence. Fragile Island of Peace, will tell the complex story of how Burundi emerged from a 12-year civil war and established a fragile peace through a radical experiment in peacebuilding. A series of trainings that over ten years brought together thousands of community leaders from all sides of the conflict to build relationships, rebuild trust, and focus on fighting Burundi’s poverty instead of fighting each other.

Yet peace is never a simple process. Burundi currently finds itself in the midst of another period of political tension and violence. Despite the current electoral crisis there are signs that there have been significant, positive changes among Burundians, due in large part to a decade of peacebuilding work. The violence of the last few months is far less than what’s been experienced historically and Burundians are demanding good governance and democracy.

If you believe sustainable peace is possible, your support can help us make peacebuilding a larger part of the global conversation! We want to demonstrate that there are effective non-violent solutions to conflict and shine a bright light on powerful stories of transformation like this one.

PRODUCER: Jamil Simon

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