Mark Salloum

Mark Salloum

Independent Filmmaker

Other Roles: Producer, Director

Areas of Focus: Documentaries

Organization: Highway Media




I’v been producing videos and short films since 1993. Upon graduating with degrees in both Film Production and Adverstising in 1991, I began working working as a freelance D.P. and editor on a number of jobs. By 1997, I began producing an alternative style of wedding films which truly “broke the mold”. Our company won countless awards for the style and creativity of our work as we traveled the globe for many clients. During this time, I also produced a large array of corporate for Fortune 500 companies and events for MLB and several teams.

By 2005, I began the transition of our company to producing short, branding films for our clients. Since that time, Highway Media has been voted as one of the leading production companies in Metro-Detroit with a long list of clients from around the globe. Once again, our style and creativity have earned us many awards.

In 2017, I was hired to produce a short film to celebrate the sesquicentennial of my hometown community. As the project evolved, it was evident the story was growing and eventually became my first feature documentary titled, “Plymouth, Michigan – A Rich History.” To much acclaim, the film screened at the historic Penn Theatre in 2019 and sold out all 11 shows.

Beginning in late 2019, I began the production of my 2nd feature documentary which is titled, “The Greatest Generation: Let Us Not Forget”. The film will focus on the impact of World War II on the lives of our heroes, both during and after the war. We are currently fundraising of this project and have the distribution support of PBS.



Plymouth, Michigan - A Rich History (2019)

Role: Independent Filmmaker

Founded in 1825, the Plymouth community has experienced a deep and rich history, filled with greatness…and despair. From the earliest settlers who trekked through the Eerie Canal, to the war heroes, fires, trains, and air rifle industry, this film takes you on a 200 year journey of Plymouth like never before. So jump on board before the whistle blows to experience an endearing tribute to this beloved town. Welcome to Plymouth, Michigan!

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The Greatest Generation: Let Us Not Forget (2021)

Role: Independent Filmmaker

It’s been 75 years since the end of World War II, and the veterans of that horrific war have many stories to share, but little time to do so. Experience the journey of our heroes, beginning with their entry into the service, followed by their efforts in the war, and finally the impact on which the war had in their lives. Let us not forget the Greatest Generation of men and women who valiantly served our country during the most pivotal time in our nation’s history.

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