Eric Bergquist

Eric Bergquist


Organization: Analogy Pictures


Eric Bergquist is an accomplished creative with a mind for ingenuity when it comes to writing. He also has a highly technical on-set background that includes work on the 2017 “Unlimited Wireless” AT&T ad campaign featuring Mark Wahlberg (dir. by Peter Berg) as well as numerous commercials, tv series, and features (including a series of German films in Fall 2017) which has given him the insight to better create screenplays which can more effectively translate from script to screen.

Eric graduated in 2015 with a major in communications science and a concentration in film & video with a minor in neuroscience, leaving behind a legacy through his involvement with SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers). In addition to this, Eric made his writing and directorial debut with his renowned short film Analogic (2014), a film about a student with Asperger’s who solves his way through his emotions with a Rubik’s Cube. Through both high school and college, Eric made strides to educate and expose students to the world of production, setting up SMPTE chapters at multiple schools and fostering several trips to conferences in L.A., Calif. where such filmmakers were in attendance as George Lucas, James Cameron, and Doug Trumbull, to name a few. Eric quickly gained a reputation among both regional leaders and the governing bodies of SMPTE including the overseeing executive director and president, further utilizing his relations to acquaint students with industry professionals.

In 2015, immediately following graduation, Eric got a job in Spain working media and management for various science groups. Over the following two years, Eric would repeatedly travel back and forth between the U.S. and EU continuing the same work in countries such as Italy and Switzerland. During this time, he would collaborate with many prestigious individuals in the science community, including Nobel laureates, learning about the various science and local cultures, and overall working towards becoming a well-rounded individual. Between stints of working abroad, Eric also worked for a number of local Massachusetts production companies including BPI (Boston Productions Inc.) and Cramer Productions. After several consecutive trips and traveling to nearly thirty different countries over two years, Eric finally settled down in Boston in 2017 where he began freelance work while focusing on his film pursuits. In 2018 Eric worked on a series of extensive projects for iHeart Media and would later invest in his own high-grade production gear.

Eric originally came up with the idea for The Chronic Adventure Story in 2012 while attending college. The conception came about when Eric sought to create a movie premises which would allow the same content to be recycled over and over again for multiple viewing experiences. Eric always enjoyed re-watching his favorite movies—most notably films where he could discover new details after every successive viewing—and he wanted to push the average viewer to experience films in the same way. By creating, in essence, a rearrangeable narrative, Eric would thus have a way to repurpose and reinvent the same content before an audience’s eyes. In 2015 the idea would be re-kindled when Eric would discover the appeal of Netflix, realizing an avenue for implementing the degree of interactivity that would be demanded by such a premises through the medium of online streaming. The pursuit would reflect Eric’s ingenuity and his standing as an experimental thinker.