Catie Foertsch

Catie Foertsch

Independent Filmmaker

Other Roles: Producer, Director, Editor

Areas of Focus: Documentaries



I’m a video producer expanding into documentary film production. I am working with Sgt Travis Weiner and Capt. Tommy Furlong, both combat vets, to create a documentary film that tells the story of the real cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, through the voices of those who fought. Our film is called Meatgrinder, and you can find our Facebook page here.





Meatgrinder (2020)

Role: Independent Filmmaker

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were and are meatgrinders, destroying bodies, minds, and lives. This destruction – paid for with our tax dollars – is not glorious, and is not right, despite what our leaders told the troops and what they told the American public. Service members and their families, and the civilians in these countries, didn’t deserve the shattering of bodies and minds that occurred in both wars and is still occurring, especially because these wars were wars of choice, not necessity.

This is the story Meatgrinder will tell, through the voices of combat veterans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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