Meet Lori Tobin

December 3, 2019

Producer Lori Tobin is a filmmaker, anti-vaping activist, and a proponent of children’s health. She is the founder of SporTobin, a Hull-based apparel company featuring custom made workout clothes. Lori has spoken widely about healthy eating habits and exercise, especially in young children. She has also been involved in many other causes: the fight against breast cancer, the MSPCA, Make a Wish, among others.

Additionally, Lori is also the founder of Keep Going Kidz, an exercise and health education program.

“Taking a Toke” is Lori’s documentary that takes the viewers into the challenging journey of many moms fighting a battle for their children. It explores how vaping was introduced as a safe alternative to smoking with ads targeting teens, and how it destroyed their health and peace of mind.

By interviewing leading pediatricians, activists, and other experts in the area, this film is intended to inform parents and policymakers on the hidden harms of teens vaping. We recently chatted with Lori about the film. 

How did the idea for the film come to you?

My colleague Joe Collymore mentioned vaping and I started noticing how many junior high and high school kids in our town walk around vaping.

I coached youth boys soccer for seven years, and taught my early morning exercise program at Hull’s Jacobs School for the past 11 years. I have a connection with these kids and it upsets me to see so many of them vaping now.

What was the most challenging aspect of making your film?

Getting families to share their personal story that vaping is very harmful to everyone, including the entire family. It’s not a safe alternative to cigarettes (that’s the big lie about vaping).

What was the most rewarding part of making the film?

The passionate professional people we have interviewed – they are sounding the alarm about the dangers of vaping to our children.

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

My love of kids. I have been working with children for a long time, even though I didn’t give birth to all theses children, I feel like they are mine. A mother’s job is to protect and teach their young.

What role do you see your film playing in reaching and informing younger audiences?

Our audience is for parents and lawmakers, but we can use some of the film to reach kids. Depending on how much we get in donations we could edit and repurpose some of the content so that it’s suitable for health classes in middle and high schools.