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A film by Patricia Goudvis and Alice Stone


Through poignant personal stories of Central American adults revisiting their wartime childhoods, WHEN WE WERE YOUNG / THERE WAS A WAR is a visually stunning, immersive experience that enlightens and engages students as they learn about the armed conflicts and their aftermaths in El Salvador and Guatemala. Captivating videos present the characters as both teens and adults, reflecting on their childhoods as well as their current lives. Supporting text and photos explore the continuing connections between the history and people of the US and Central America.

“Extraordinary new student-friendly website on Central America … powerful stories … an invaluable resource.” – Teaching for Change

“This is an incredibly useful resource for my geography, history and human rights courses. The design is elegant, the content engaging. Well done!”
– Elizabeth Oglesby, Associate Professor, School of Geography and Development, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Arizona

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A web-native documentary project

Producers: Patricia Goudvis and Alice Stone

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