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The Queen of Connemara

A film by E. Philip Brown

Bina McLoughlin

“She was a queen by name and nature.”

“She was one hell of a woman.”

The Queen of the Connemara is the narrative account of one woman’s extraordinary life on the Maanturk mountains in Country Galway, Ireland. Dressed in flowing colorful shawls with dark black ringlets and a booming voice, Bina McLoughlin seems like a character from a different era – or straight out of a fairytale. Much more than a biography, Queen of the Connemara is an expose of a vivid life shrouded in mystery, magic and hidden money. . Bina was part shepherdess, storyteller, ballad singer, actress, local celebrity, animal lover, political aficionado and – some say – even a witch.

She was as loved as she was feared. A true enigmatic personality. ​


Associated Members

E. Philip Brown, Producer