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Taking A Toke

A film by Lori Tobin

While most moms are busy with taking their kids to hockey and soccer, many other moms are waking up to a 21st century nightmare. Their teens’ health is deteriorating, their grades are going down, sports activities are canceled, and their relationships are souring. It’s not cancer. It is vaping!

“Taking a Toke” is a documentary that takes the viewers into the challenging journey of many moms fighting a battle for their children. It explores how vaping was introduced as a safe alternative to smoking with ads targeting teens, and how it destroyed their health and peace of mind.

By interviewing leading pediatricians, activists, and other experts in the area, this film is intended to inform parents and policymakers on the hidden harms of teens vaping.

Producer Lori Tobin is a resident of Hull, MA. An anti-vaping activist and a proponent of children’s health. She is the founder of SporTobin, a Hull-based apparel company with custom made workout clothes. Lori has spoken actively on the South Shore and beyond about healthy eating habits and exercise, especially in young children. She has also been involved in many causes: the fight against breast cancer, the MSPCA, Make a Wish, among others.

Lori is also the founder of Keep Going Kidz, an exercise and health education program.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Lori has produced successful shows with Harbor Media of which are: 

Getting a green thumb, kids in Hingham middle school growing vegetables 

Lori Tobin and Kidz: cooking healthy meals

Bow to Stern with Adam and Lori : a show about family boating and safety 



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