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A non-partisan video history project

Producers: Louise Rubacky and Perry Pickert

The SOLDIER project films veterans from diverse backgrounds around the U.S. for a web archive that provides information to the public and preserves essential history. We ask what each soldier understood—before enlisting— about serving during war and returning home, and how their perceptions matched up to their experiences.

The site will be easily findable and shareable through a network for cross-linking and cross-referencing, so young people considering military service can find veterans they relate to, and learn about what they actually encountered during war and after returning home.

Besides the project promo, we made a 35 minute reel that gives a broader sense of the range of realizations and changes that veterans face from war. Please contact Louise if you’d like to know and see more:

We have filmed over 16 hours of interviews, recorded several audio pre-interviews, and continue to meet with veterans for participation in this growing resource. We will resume filming, cataloguing, editing, and building the website as funding progresses.

Associated Members

Louise Rubacky, Director


Perry Pickert