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Ryan Road Story

A film by Tyler Gies

Ryan Road Origin Story

It has been five years since the idea for this project has been conceived. Ryan Road Story, a nostalgic tale, about looking back on where you came from, but not staring at it. A feature length narrative film about the thing’s life can take away from you and how you cannot control it, but how you can get through it. In the  early stages of this project the plot of the film was about a aspiring filmmaker who returns to his hometown after his dreams come crashing down on him out in Hollywood.

But you have seen a movie like that before….

As a co-writer, director and producer, I looked to my own neighborhood and the area I grew up in. Which is where the title spawned from, Ryan Road, an area of Northampton, Massachusetts. Over the past five to six years I have lost track of how many friends or people I grew up with who have become addicted to heroin and opioids, and even lost their lives from these addictions. With what felt like a simple plot that we already had, my team and I realized we could expand on it to have the project hit close to him as well as anyone who has ever felt the loss of a loved one from their battles with addictions.

Telling the Ryan Road Story

In the film we meet Harold, a man who has just returned home after a cross country move from Los Angeles to his quiet Massachusetts hometown. His relationships with friends and family are slightly strained, everything and everyone feels distant. His return home  is shortly after learning of the death of his brother, who had battled an addiction to pain killers and heroin for most of his life.

Through little flashbacks in the film, we see a simple, easy going life that Harold lived as a child. But it was headed in a tragic direction. Now in his thirties and down on his luck, Harold must pick up the pieces and try to put his family back together and not let a tragedy tear it all apart.

What We Need

With a fully fleshed out budget and all our main roles cast. We need to move the project into production and principal photography. We would love to film in the fall and capture the beauty of New England during that time. A goal would be to raise enough to get us into production by later this year, and focus on raising more funds for post-production, film festival submissions and any PR needed to pump the film further out into the world.

About the Filmmakers

Tyler Geis has worked in film and television for almost a decade now. A native to Northampton Massachusetts, his first feature length “The Station”, was made in 2012 for two thousand dollars. And followed up with the festival hit, 2014’s “Melvin”. As a graduate of Springfield Technical Community Colleges Film and TV program, Tyler also worked plenty of freelance jobs as assistants in all different departments on film sets in the Boston area from 2011-2014. He then transitioned to local television at Western Mass News in Springfield, Massachusetts. In early 2016 he made the move to Orlando, Florida where he began working behind the scenes at NBC Golf Channel. Tyler has now continued to build his production/content creation company, The Ryan Road Company.

Christopher Carantit is a producing partner with Tyler at The Ryan Road Company. Originally from Hawley, Massachusetts Chris got his start as a music supervisor on the film “The Station” and helped produced the film “Melvin” in 2014.  Chris also currently has numerous writing projects in development and in pre-production now.

Doug Myer joined the project in 2019. As a lifelong Massachusetts resident, Doug has been involved in numerous projects around the region for some time now. For the last four years Doug has been involved in market research for over 320 Hollywood Films. As a producer, his first feature film titled “Wild Men” is available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Verizon Fios, and other VOD platforms. Doug is currently involved with helping produce the following film projects that are all deep into post-production. “Son of Cornwall” is a feature European documentary about world renowned opera singer John Treleaven. “Preacher Six” is a feature action horror film with the cast including Naomi Grossman, Zach Galligan, Eileen Grubba, Carmen Argenziano, and many more. “In The Deathroom” is a short film based off of the Stephen King short story with music composed by Harry Manfredini.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot donate then that’s okay. Just share this project on social media to everyone you know. Also feel free to contact us with any information you think we may need at

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