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In the Company of Crows

In the Company of Crows is a short film about a naïve teenage girl with autism who turns to the offerings of crows she’s befriended to save herself after being victimized by her degenerate neighbor and classmate.


The Story

As a teenage girl with autism, Mira lives a solitary existence with her single mother Evelyn at their lake house. Mira’s intense focus on crows and their habits has led to a special bond with them that outweighs her connection to people. When Mira’s neighbor and classmate Victor takes note of her distinct behavior, both at home and the Catholic school they attend, his interest is peaked.

Evelyn warns Mira about Victor, but Mira’s inability to pick up on social cues, along with a draw to him she doesn’t fully understand, makes her ignore Evelyn’s advice. When Victor takes advantage of her innocence and crosses the line, Mira is forced to save herself, finding unexpected salvation in the relationship she’s built with the crows.

What Makes This Story Important

While I was aware female characters with autism are underrepresented in cinema, I still wasn’t prepared for the strong reaction the audition notice for Mira inspired. I immediately received letters from multiple female actors on the autism spectrum thanking me for writing this role. Their heartfelt gratitude was further motivation to tell this story and the portrayal of an individual with autism accurately. While the film is fiction, I believe storytelling is a powerful tool that can empower and humanize individuals that may not have that voice in the real world.

The story is also poignant beyond Mira’s autism, exploring the vulnerable world of teenage girls at the hands of boys who may not have good intentions. Power dynamics and aggression among teenagers is unfortunately all too common. Storytelling as an example can be a source to empower individuals, whether it be a female teenager on the autism spectrum or anyone who doesn’t fit into what society labels the norm.

My hope is that In the Company of Crows can provide insight into a subject that is often misunderstood while at the same time inspiring conversation and further education on autism.

Our Goals

  • Demystify stigma around autism
  • Support autism research
  • Increase understanding and acceptance of individuals on the spectrum

Your Support
Your tax-deductible contribution will directly fund the development, production, distribution, and public outreach of the film. With the goal of raising autism awareness, we hope to share this story with as wide of an audience as possible in the film festival circuit. Any funds raised beyond the budget to cover these costs will be donated to autism research organizations.

Associated Members

Rachel Thomas-Medwid, Independent Filmmaker