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Ferrari: Legend of the Prancing Horse

A film by Jon Dunham

Ferrari: Legend of the Prancing Horse will be the first ever documentary series to chronicle the remarkable story of the world’s most iconic automotive brand. Only 240,000 Ferraris have been made since the company’s founding in 1947 – less than Porsche produces in one year – and yet Ferrari evokes more passion than any other car company. It has defined the category of supercar. From the early life of Enzo Ferrari falling in love with the emerging sport of motor racing in the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy and turning his passion into his profession, first by becoming a successful racing team manager to eventually building his own cars and creating Ferrari, the series will tell the story of the legendary automaker and his company past and present in a way no other film production has to date. By combining iconic moments in the company’s history and its unmatched success in racing along with the development of its world famous road cars, all energized with a global following of devoted Ferraristi – Ferrari fans and owners – the series will go far beyond the re-telling of history or exploration of specific model vehicles and will explore the total scope of what the Ferrari world is all about.

As a multi-episode series, the production will have more time to feature different aspects of Ferrari while at the same time offering to both distributors and audiences a story that is more manageable to watch in today’s time crunched lifestyle. Ferrari: Legend of the Prancing Horse is in its initial phase of development; the filmmakers are currently envisioning a production that will be divided into six one-hour episodes which will dive deep into different aspects of Ferrari.

Ferrari: Legend of the Prancing Horse is being created by filmmaker Jon Dunham, an award winning producer, director and cinematographer who’s films have been seen in cinemas and on television and streaming platforms worldwide. A lifelong Ferrari fan, Jon has a passion for Italy and its culture. He lives in Naples, Italy with his family and is actively developing and producing numerous productions in Italy and abroad.

Assisting the project as an expert consultant is Marc Lindsley.  Marc, graduated from the US Air Force Academy, flying F-111 aircraft as well as commanding a Fighter Squadron and an Air Control Wing in conflicts. He also attended and then instructed at the USAF Fighter Weapons School, the equivalent of Navy Top Gun. At the Pentagon as a senior officer on 9/11, he was a leader in the response to terrorism and then retired to lead several aircraft design and production programs in Northrop Grumman Corporation and Leonardo DRS, the Italian Defense company. He and his wife Chicky are deeply involved in many facets of the Ferrari experience. They have proudly owned several Ferraris; both are graduates of the Ferrari driving school and advanced course. Marc will use his various experiences and acquired skills to assist Jon in planning and producing the series.

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