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Following Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Deeqo Jabril, a Somali Muslim immigrant and single mother, was inspired to run for office. In a highly contested Boston City Council race staged in a district that saw an increase in gun violence in 2017, Deeqo, a survivor of domestic abuse ran on a pro-immigrant platform leading an effort to get out the Somali vote. Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American Muslim elected to office endorsed Deeqo, traveling to Boston to speak on her behalf.
Deeqo’s base was split after she appeared at a march for LBGTQ rights; social media attacks soon followed labeling her a lesbian. Nevertheless, Deeqo was an underdog, relying on family support for door knocking, sign posting, and calling campaigns. Her daughters were by her side on election day, inspired by their mother’s desire to implement change. This film centers on election day where the pressure to get out the Somali vote and the disappointment in Somali’s being turned away at the polls couldn’t break the seed of change planted by Deeqo’s historic run. Deeqo embodies a new movement of women fighting for a voice in a broken political system.

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Kori Feener, Independent Filmmaker