Ron Blau

Ron Blau


Ron Blau is an award-winning writer and producer. Until recently, much of his work had been long-form programs for cable TV networks, including Discovery, TLC, The History Channel, A&E, Discovery Health, and National Geographic Channel. These days, most of his work is script writing, both linear and interactive, with many projects in museums and visitor centers across the country.

Ron’s experience commercial TV to public TV to corporate video to experimental film. His awards include Emmys (New England), Gabriel Award, Ohio State Award, Cine Golden Eagle, and Massachusetts Artists Foundation.

His film Our Time In the Garden, an experimental short, was shown in competition at the Berlin Film Festival, screened at the Museum of Modern Art, and seen in many other venues around the world. It is the story of a woman growing up in Berlin at the time of Hitler’s rise to power.

Ron’s present project with Filmmakers Collaborative is his short film Life Is All There Is. On one level, Life Is All There Is tells an immigrant’s story, one that touches on universal themes of family and work, success and failure, and finding the meaning of one’s own life. 
On another level, Life Is All There Is distills the story of his fath