Lucy Slavinsky

Lucy Slavinsky


Organization: Rolling Wave Productions


Lucy grew up in Odessa, Ukraine, a city steeped in rich cultural and artistic tradition. After graduating from Odessa’s Art and Design Technical College with the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she moved to Moscow where she got her Master’s in Stage Production at The Moscow Art Theater School, the premier theater arts school in the country. Before immigrating to the US in 1991, she had produced multiple shows both in the capital and in the provinces.

Here in the States, Slavinsky has become a self-made woman. She came to the Boston area with an uncertain immigration status, no connections, no English and just $800.00 in her pocket. While working numerous jobs from teaching arts and crafts to seniors and children to designing rugs for an interior design company, she had taught herself web design. Slavinsky has eventually become a highly respected expert in the field of User Interface Design and Web Information Architecture. She had worked in the High Tech industry for such prominent companies as RSA (subdivision of EMC), LocatePLUS, Immersant and others. During those years, she had organized content for projects across broad spectrum of sizes and complexities and had overseen the entire lifecycle of website projects from conce