William  Benker

William Benker

Independent Filmmaker

Organization: Thoreau Burrows

Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU5_q6O_N9A&list=PLRgUuRVhJFOfoCipZxgUdV1YMJk9wx-so



I received a Film Studies Certificate alongside my degree in college. Since then I’ve continued studying film and have participated in various film festivals and events around the Boston and Pioneer Valley areas. I have had some film essays published online.

Recently I’ve been producing an online series that takes place during the 19th century called Thoreau Burrows. I am curious to learn more about film production and participate in other projects so that I might become a more effective filmmaker. I try my best to employ elements from the pubic domain in my work to accustom myself to readily available resources and offset costs.