Paula S. Apsell

Independent Filmmaker

Other Roles: Producer, Director

Areas of Focus: Documentaries

Organization: Leading Edge Productions Inc.


Hi Everyone: Many of you know me as the Senior Executive Producer of NOVA, a position I held for 33 stimulating years. Before that, as a science journalist and filmmaker, I was responsible for producing and directing several NOVA episodes on topics like smallpox eradication, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. Having retired from the series, I was all set to hang out, eat bon bons, let my hair go grey and play Mah Jong. But I find myself working as hard as ever on an independent film with Lone Wolf Productions on what geoscience and archeology reveal about Jewish resistance to the Holocaust. If you’re interested in that storyline, please feel free to get in touch. I’m doing research, writing treatments, looking for money, and, the hardest thing, doing my own computer work. If anybody wants to give word processing/excel lessons, I need a few so please reach out! Many thanks to Filmmakers Collaborative, my fiscal sponsor, for all your help and support. You’re amazing! Paula