Nicole Amelio-Casper

Nicole Amelio-Casper

Independent Filmmaker

Other Roles: Director, Producer, Editor

Areas of Focus: Documentaries

Organization: Amelio MediaLLC


Nicole Amelio-Casper has her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston College and her master’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations from the University of Memphis Graduate school of Journalism.

She began her broadcasting career at National Public Radio where she volunteered a couple of days a week when she and her family moved to Fort Bragg North Carolina almost 20 years ago.

Nicole’s first paid position was with Cumulus Broadcasting in Fayetteville North Carolina followed by Saga Communications in Clarksville Tennessee while family as stationed at Fort Campbell Kentucky. While working at Saga and she was a segment producer, on air talent and news reporter. She also interviewed key figures in the community at Fort Campbell, including the Mayor of Clarksville and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn during her visit to support the troops and their families.

She continued her broadcasting journey at American Forces Network in Mannheim, Germany where she worked as a Radio News Reporter – interviewing key people overseas as well as in Germany. While in AFN, she expanded her skills set to include TV segment production. After producing several radio and tv stories for AFN – and some commercials too, she became more passionate about producing stories that highlight how the human spirit can and will triumph amid adversity.

While at AFN Nicole received her first award an AFN Civilian Award

In addition to her journalistic pursuits, she worked for Central Carolina Community College for nearly five years. Nicole taught video production, worked in admissions, taught college and pre-colleges colleges for the TRIO Veterans Upward Bound Program, and also taught Public Relations, Advertising and several other classes at Baker University.

While Fort Leavenworth, she started her LLC and produced the first of two documentaries’ Voices of Hope. She filmed, directed, and produced Voices of Hope while she was volunteering at Lansing Prison in Lansing, Kansas. The film chronicles The Brothers in Blue Re-entry program at Lansing Correctional Facility in Lansing, Kansas. The film documents how the program changes the behavior and redefines the character of the inmates.

It was screened at two film festivals in the Kansas City area in 2015 and 2016.

Between 2016 and 2018, she filmed, directed, and produced her second documentary The Journey Back to Normal – A Look at Complementary Therapies to Combat PTSD. The premiere screening was at George RR Martin’s Jean Cocteau’s Theater in Santa Fe New Mexico and has been screened at several universities and colleges as well the largest VFW in Virginia. It was accepted and screened at several film festivals over the past year — her film was a finalist at the Deep Focus Film Festival and the Dumbo Film Festival in New York City.

The Journey Back to Normal has won:

A Spotlight Documentary Award from the spotlight documentary festival in Atlanta Georgia,

3 BEST Documentary awards:n1. The Universal Kansas International Film Festival in Kansas City MO, 2. The Raleigh Film and Arts Festival in Raleigh NC,n3. The Show Low Arizona Film Festival

Nominated:nBest Documentary award at The International Kansas Film Festival in Kansas this weekend (November 8-14).


Hidden Wounds - The Documentary (2021)

Role: Director

HIDDEN WOUNDS – The Documentary – Aims to Tell the Raw Story.

Our intent is to tell the raw story – the raw story of the “military experience” downrange, the dynamic while deployed, the pivotal moments when they return home, and ultimately how they navigate the rough terrain in the workplace, in the community and most significantly, at home with their loved ones.

We will tell the raw story of Veterans, and their families – and how they navigate their lives after multiple deployments, how they maintain emotional healthy relationships within the family unit, in the workplace and within their community of fellow Veterans as well as their “tribe.” Further, we will tell the raw story of Veteran suicide and talk to surviving family members, how they are coping and what they’ve done to honor their family members memory.

Another element of this documentary will highlight grassroots organizations, Veteran owned non-profit organization, Hidden Wounds ( in Columbia, South Carolina. We aim to tell Hidden Wound’s story and describe their collaboration and partnership with Project Josiah (

The film will chronicle: the impetus behind creating these impactful organizations, how they’ve grown and what they are accomplishing every day. Then, we will visit other community Veteran support groups which work in tandem with Hidden Wounds also led by Veterans (Celebrate Freedom Foundation in South Carolina).

We will then visit other states – NJ, PA, MA, and CA to explore what other Veteran led, non-profit organizations have established to combat the tragedy of Veteran suicide, PTSD, and MST and other critical challenges Veteran’s face.

We aim to conduct rich interviews with the Founders, volunteers, and Veteran participants in the following organizations:
1) Project Refit –
2) Heroic Gardens
3) Lazy Lab Hunting Club –
4) Awareness 22–
5) Giordano Foundation –

As such, we will highlight their extraordinary efforts to holistically heal, support and empower Veterans and their families.

Documentary Elements:

1) The Veteran’s Story: The audience will gain a better understanding of the raw story.
2) The Veteran’s family’s story: The audience will gain a better understanding of what the family’s experience is and what challenges they face every day.
We will highlight the process of seeking help: Veteran sharing on his/her own experience
3) The Healing Place: Where Veterans and their families heal. Highlight Hidden Wounds along with Veteran Support Organizations that support Veterans and their families throughout the US.
4) Bridging the Gap: The Cultural Shift – Department of Veterans Affairs: Interview: The Department of Veterans Affairs/Medical Center, Director Dan Ducker, Fayetteville, North Carolina (Retired COLONEL, US Army), Director Dr. Rebecca Helms Whole health initiative, Philadelphia PA. Georg Bates – Department of Veterans Affairs – NJ.
We will ask bold questions – e.g., how they can better serve Veterans and their families? What can VA Providers do better? We will interview VA providers – Psychiatrist, Therapists, Psychologists, Primary Care Providers in SC/NC/Philadelphia/NJ.
5) Making REAL Change: The Political Front: We will also ask the bold questions to politicians on the frontlines fighting for Veterans every day. What are local and state politicians doing right now to take action. We will interview Joe Wilson in SC and interview other local politicians in the Columbia SC metro area, Philadelphia, NJ, and other regions to explore real political change.
6) University Scholars: To delve into the latest research on how to best serve Veterans and their families, University of South Carolina’s Dr. Aubrey Sugeit will present clear evidence of combating PTSD. We will interview Professors conducting research involving effective therapies for Veterans to heal from PTSD.
7) Call to Action: What outcomes does the military and veteran community want to realize for our nation’s heroes? What the community at large can do to help – Provide local resources for each state/region in the US.

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We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors:

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Lowel Cultural Council
Cabot Family Charitable Trust
Liberty Mutual Foundation