Maura McCarthy


Areas of Focus: Documentaries

Organization: Uncommon Productions


Maura is a Producer at Uncommon Productions, and is an experienced director of finance and business development. In additions to Producing documentaries, she manages finance and market development at Uncommon Productions. Maura is the co-founder of Blu Homes, a California-based builder of eco-friendly prefab homes, and serves as the director of market development at the company. Previously, she worked under the Greenspan administration in statistical analysis at the Federal Reserve, as well as for Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School. Maura has served as a board member or co-founder of numerous nonprofits including The Capital Network, Ignite Clean Energy Competition, and World Connect, an NY-based grant-making organization that leverages the Peace Corps to develop hundreds of projects annually that help the environment, health, and civic welfare in communities in 33 countries. She lives in the Boston area with her partner, Bill Haney.