Marcia Soviak

Marcia Soviak

Independent Filmmaker



OurVyu (2018)

Role: Independent Filmmaker

The OurVyu (title, work-in-progress) video interview series spotlights diverse celebrities and ordinary people’s backstories, in order to show our common humanity. In January 2018, Boston’s Coolidge Corner Theater debuted the OurVyu 10-minute film short, which included interviews of Governor and Kitty Dukakis, African-American small business owner Marvin Henry, and comedian and Massachusetts lieutenant governor candidate Jimmy Tingle. In February 2018, Filmmakers Collaborative, a Boston-based backer of internationally award-winning content, fiscally sponsored the OurVyu proposal and budget for 6 half-hour shows, making the show eligible for tax-deductible grants from foundations and individuals… 

Especially in today’s fragmented society, people endure their own difficulties, feel alone, and are often misunderstood, especially by people from different backgrounds. By highlighting real people’s backstories, the OurVyu docuseries aims to help people feel less alone and build bridges of understanding and compassion in public opinion with the hope of inspiring more beneficial public policies…

The series may be licensed to platforms like PBS, Netflix, Discovery, OWN, YouTube, and Facebook TV. The series will also be repurposed as books, e-books, and audiobooks.

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