Jan Sutcliffe

Jan Sutcliffe


Other Roles: Independent Filmmaker

Areas of Focus: Documentaries, Shorts

Website: http://jansutcliffe.com


I’ve had many years of experience editing long-form non-fiction programs for broadcast and cable television (PBS, A&E Biography, Discovery Channel). My particular interest is independent documentary film, whether feature length or short. I’m also very interested in experimental film, and genre mash-ups to discover new forms of narrative. The best part of filmmaking, to me, is creative collaboration with a group of people on a shared mission.



Stitch, Breath, Speak: The George Floyd Quilts (2021)

Role: Producer/Editor

Documentary Short; 16 min.

After witnessing George Floyd’s death on a broadcast cellphone video, individuals from a small New Hampshire church want to take action. With the support of their pastor they create a community of concern involving eight more congregations and, employing the traditional art of quilting, they stitch the final words of George Floyd into ten quilts.

A frank and searing confrontation takes place within this faith community in their journey to listen, to feel, and to truly understand the pain carried by some of their own. Their process becomes their mission as they “bless the quilts” and send them into the world for others to experience.