Jamil  Simon

Jamil Simon


Other Roles: Director, Independent Filmmaker

Areas of Focus: Documentaries

Organization: Spectrum Media

Website: www.spectrummedia-boston.com



Jamil believes it is critical that we elevate public awareness of peacebuilding and othernnonviolent solutions to conflict. If we want to have less war, it is critical that we learn morenabout how peace is made. How can we expect the public to advocate for peaceful solutions tonconflict if they never see them happening in the news? Making peace efforts more visible to thenpublic has become Jamil’s principal mission in life. He’s been awarded the Luxembourg PeacenPrize in Peace Journalism for his work in this area.

nJamil Simon brings a lot of insight and experience to his work building awareness of peacenefforts. He is an award-winning producer / director of documentary films and educationalnmedia. His documentaries have covered a wide range of subjects and have been broadcast onnPBS and commercial TV stations and have been screened in schools, colleges and other venues.nIn addition, he has worked in 25 countries around the world, 14 countries in Africa alone,ndesigning and implementing public-awareness programs to promote reform in developingncountries. For example, he created programs to promote sustainable agriculture in Malawi,nwater conservation in Tunisia, democracy in Mali, conflict resolution in Jordan and many others.nThe website for his firm, Spectrum Media, tells the story in more detail. You can also learn morenfrom his LinkedIn profile.

nJamil created a remarkably successful, one-day Symposium called the War Stories Peace StoriesnProject. It was designed to bring journalists and peacebuilders together to reimagine the waynthe news media reports on peace and conflict. You can learn more about the project here.



Fragile Island of Peace (2017)

Role: Producer