Garrard McClendon

Garrard McClendon

Independent Filmmaker

Organization: Duthga Films


Dr. Garrard McClendon is the director of the anti-violence film, “Forgiving Cain.” He is host of the PBS show CounterPoint on Lakeshore Public Media and has hosted The McClendon Report, Garrard McClendon Live on CLTV, and earned the Emmy Award for his show “Off 63rd with Garrard McClendon on WYCC.” Dr. McClendon is also an associate professor at Chicago State University and the author of “Ax or Ask? The African American Guide to Better English.” McClendon has earned several other awards including the ONE REGION Award, Associated Press Community Impact Award, an NAACP Champion Award, a LINKS award, a Human Relations Commission Leadership Award, and a Monarch Award. McClendon is a cancer survivor fulfilling the legacy of his parents by being the Executive Director of the Milton & Ruby McClendon Educational Foundation, and he is on the boards of the Sheila A. Doyle Foundation and Donda’s House Foundation. Garrard and his wife, Quanica, live in Chicago.


Forgiving Cain (2017)

Role: Director

FORGIVING CAIN A film by Garrard McClendon – In this documentary, Chicago talk show host, Garrard McClendon, tells the story of his parents being murdered just before he goes on-air. After celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary, Wayman and Ruby McClendon, were killed during a home invasion by two teenaged gang members. Garrard, his brothers, Duane and Theodore, and the community were devastated by the event and promised to make positive change through forgiveness. Forgiving Cain is a personal documentary, highlighting the forgiveness of murder. We are seeking your support for production, post-production costs, news video rights, film festival entry fees, travel, project website, insurance, and equipment rentals. The film explores these questions: Can you forgive a murderer? What is the definition of forgiveness? What is the purpose of forgiveness? What is a human being worth? Is preventing murder a priority? What are 3 things you can do to end murder in the United States? McClendon grapples with this question citing homicide tracking statistics in Chicago over the last 7 years. Forgiving Cain is presented by Duthga, LLC in association with local PBS stations. Producers: Garrard McClendon, Chad Hunter, and Debra Fleming

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Dedicated Man (2010)

Role: Producer

Dedicated Man is a short video to inspire men to improve.

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