Debbie Wright

Debbie Wright


Starting out as a journalism major, Debbie planned on following in the shoes of her mother who had produced a documentary in the late 1970’s about the plight of the neglected elderly in Chicago. Debbie served as Feature Editor for a college newspaper and went on to write an article that was published in a magazine with distribution to over one million households. Her career goals shifted, and she obtained her undergraduate degree from the New York University Stern School of Business and founded her own consulting business and consulted on and managed multi-million dollar projects for top healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

Her love for children drove her to complete a Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Education. She then taught elementary school for a few years until she returned to the business world. Debbie, like many people, was vaguely aware of the presence of slavery around the world, but her exposure to the reality of modern-day slavery in America came when the FBI descended upon and raided her neighbor’s house, finding thousands of pornographic images, many of which were of children being brutalized and raped. Debbie then contacted International Justice Mission and eventually become a volu

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