Yari, Cary, & Babs Wolinsky

Independent Filmmaker

Organization: Trillium Studios Film


Trillium Studios, founded in 1979, has produced media projects in 44 countries. In 2010, the company, which formerly specialized in photography and graphic design, refocused on the creation of films and is now led by Director Yari Wolinsky.

Yari is an award-winning director and editor of films and commercials for broadcast television and internet. His work includes films for a wide range of commercial clients and non-profit organizations such as National Geographic, PBS, McLean Hospital and Helping Hands Monkey Helpers.

Cary got his start as news photographer for The Boston Globe 1968 while he was completing a degree in photojournalism at Boston University. In 1972, Wolinsky began a 37-year career as a National Geographic photographer, producing picture essays in 25 countries.

Babs studied graphic design at Parsons School of Design and The Carpenter Center for Visual Arts at Harvard. After a brief, harrowing stint as an advertising art director in New York City, she moved to Boston where she had the quintessential Cambridge experience while working for the Real Paper. In 1981 she founded the design firm, Trillium Studios.