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Why We Dance

From the filmmaker:

From earliest childhood to old age, people dance. I wanted to explore why we do it. More specifically, why do I, a 78-year-old woman, get on Zoom five mornings a week along with others, mostly women, who range in age from forty-nine to ninety-four, to dance?

WHY WE DANCE explores this question from many angles. The film is about two kinds of movement: each dancer’s unique physical expression, and our movement from one phase of life to another, seeking renewed meaning, community, and purpose as we age. Our dance teacher, Ketty Rosenfeld, a remarkably free-spirited woman in her early 60s, is the film’s driving force. An Indonesian immigrant, she welcomes all comers, and many of the dancers are immigrants.

This is a personal, hands-on project, filmed and made by the dancers themselves.

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Michal Goldman


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