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Private: When Harlem Was In Vogue

A series by Sheila Curran Bernard

World War I has ended, and African Americans, having fought for democracy overseas, expect change at home. Instead, racial violence tears through the nation’s cities; doors to education, jobs, and housing close rapidly, and lynching is again on the rise. Civil rights leaders grasp at a desperate notion: By promising prizes, cash, and contacts, they lure a generation of talented black artists to Harlem— to wage cultural revolution. A story of politics, money, power, and art, WHEN HARLEM WAS IN VOGUE brings to a remarkable, daunting, and dizzying decade, now known as the Harlem Renaissance, that changed America forever.

Based on the acclaimed book by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Levering Lewis, WHEN HARLEM WAS IN VOGUE is a limited dramatic series for television, enriched by ancillary documentary materials for education and public engagement.

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PRODUCER: Sheila Curran Bernard

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Sheila Curran Bernard, Independent Filmmaker