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What in God’s Name

Produced by Chris Owen

Welcome to What In God’s Name podcast. He’s Chris Owen. She’s Shayna Appel.

We’re doing philosophical and theological reflections on current events and culture, and we’d like you to join us in the conversation.

In the news we hear from partisans and politicians, economists, business people, and lawyers. All have an important role in understanding the world we live in, but it’s an incomplete picture. Treasures from the historical richness of philosophical and theological thought are increasingly missing from how we make meaning of the world today.

We are progressive Christians, eager to be in dialogue with people– Christian or not, religious or not, progressive or not– who are curious, want to go deep, and desire to shed light.

We’re not interested in simplistic moralizing (although we are interested in questions of morality); we’re not interested in using religion as a cudgel to pound people over the head (in fact, we’re not interested in cudgels of any kind). We’re interested in learning; we’re interested in dialogue; we’re interested in the pursuit of truth through the passionate and respectful exchange of ideas.

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