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What in God’s Name

Produced by Chris Owen

Our podcast is about questioning what is unquestioned in the culture and current events of our United States. We examine assumptions, and disrupt the usual categories of making meaning and assigning value in our world. Our core question: What in God’s name is going on?
Our tools are practical philosophy and applied theology. We cast a wide net, recognizing the riches of the world’s religious and philosophical wisdom, collected over time.
While we are Christian, we haven’t always been that way. Shayna was Jewish, and converted to Christianity later in life; Chris was culturally Christian but functionally materialist-atheist until he met a type he didn’t think existed: the intelligent Christian. Because of our backgrounds, both Shayna and Chris are eager to be in dialogue with people– Christian or not, religious or not– who are curious, want to go deep, and desire to shed light.
In the news we hear from partisans and politicians, economists, business people, tech entrepreneurs, and pundits of many stripes. All have an important role in understanding the world we live in, but those disciplines don’t ask or answer some crucial questions, and they don’t give a full account of individual and collective human life.
We aim to supply something that doesn’t exist, something that is so remote from usual public discourse in this time that we’ve forgotten that we actually need it: conversation about the goal and purpose of our individual and collective lives, and critical examination of the forces at work in our culture that stymie human flourishing.
Join us through Filmmakers Collaborative and support values of curiosity, depth, and light. Lend your financial support and voice to a project of cultural and civic renewal. We are grateful, and look forward to being in conversation with you! 
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