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Threaded reveals the powerful stories behind ancestral clothing, jewelry, and textiles, along with the mythology that inspired them. This allows us to reconnect with our roots and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of humanity.  This unique 30 minute docu-series guides viewers on a worldwide exploration of diverse cultures through the lens of their traditional attire. Historically, clothing has been more than just a practical necessity, it’s been a language that gives insight to a society’s traditions, values, and environment. Local guides will take us on a journey of discovery, by engaging with local artists, leaders, and storytellers. Through examining their designs, materials, and myths, we reveal the extraordinary role of clothing in their culture and gain a deeper connection to the people who wear them, their history, and their way of life.


Beautifully filmed in Northern India, the first episode follows the Naga Konyak, who are known as “headhunters”. This practice of collecting their enemy’s skulls was officially banned by the Indian government in 1960. However, human skulls and the mythology surrounding them, dominate in their traditions, beliefs and art. Through the use of drone footage, interviews, historical records, animation, and local music, we learn about the Konyak while focusing on their views of power, fertility and wealth. 

Our Story

This idea beautifully emerged from the collaboration of its creators, Gabriela Barnat and Natalia Benesz, whose individual passions and experiences have enabled them to present our world through this unique lens. As a journalist, Gabriela’s focus has been on fashion across diverse cultures. Natalia has been in movie and TV production for more than a decade. Both have spent their lives traveling in order to understand and engage with remote and indigenous people around the world. Together … they bring you Hidden Fashion World.

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