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The Thin Grey Line

Co-Production by Khora Film and Persistent Productions

Graphene is a million times thinner than a hair but 200 times stronger than steel, flexible, stronger than a diamond, an excellent conductor, transparent and waterproof. Its properties open perspectives for a multitude of technological applications ranging from foldable smartphones to high performance batteries.

The Thin Grey Line​ is an in-depth exploration of the work four scientists are doing to answer the call of the future by tackling the promise of Graphene applications. The film will weave the story of the discovery of graphene in 2004 by renowned physicists ​Professor Andre Geim and Professor Kostya Novoselov​, and the people who are now undertaking the heavy task of creating applications for the graphene material.

The Thin Grey Line​ is currently in development.

Fabio Lucchini | Director | Writer (Khora Film)

Fabio started working in film production at Les Films Grain of Sable, where he climbed the ladder from the position of Production Assistant to that of Producer. He has worked on several international co-productions with the main French broadcasters (​China, the new Empire​ and ​Putin forever​ by Jean Michel Carré, ​El Rastro de Camilo​ by Diego Briceno, ​Dom Fradique​ by Nathalie Mansoux). His latest production ​Leaves of the Horn​ (SFR, ARTE / WDR) will be released in early 2019. Passionate about science fiction and history, he is the author and director of ​The Thin Grey Line.​

Davide Morandini | Director | Producer (Khora Film)

Davide started his career as a journalist and published writer on several Italian and international news outlets. During the 2011 Egyptian uprising he produced and shot his first documentary ​Bulaq​, selected at several international festivals (WatchDocs, Paris Human Rights Festival, Primed). He co-directed the documentary web series​ Made in Bangladesh​ (Internazionale, De Correspondent, The New Internationalist), the documentary short films ​Italeñas​ (UNICEF) and ​Merqana ​(Athens Ethnographic Film Festival).

Michael Rogers | Director | Director of Photography (Persistent Productions)

Mike is a founder and director of Persistent Productions. Mike has broad international experience working as a director and cinematographer with numerous production companies including National Geographic Television, Discovery Networks, Dog Eat Dog Films, TLC, Beach house pictures and The Smithsonian Network.

As an American raised in Asia, Mike has deep production and lived experience in the region. In addition to working with major broadcasters Mike has been the cinematographer on a number of independent films like ​Up the Mountain Down to River,​ a character led retrospective of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, HBO’s ​Ghosts of Abu Ghraib,​ Moxie Firecracker; Thank You Mr. President and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911.

Meghan Shea | Director | Producer (Persistent Productions)
Meghan has over a decade of experience creating films. Double based in Boston and Singapore she is a co-founder of Persistent Productions where she works as a director, producer and head of documentary development.  She draws from a background in the arts to create work that examines issues from multiple viewpoints and global perspectives. Her work aims to bring a bring an authentic and humanistic lens to subjects of great complexity.
Her portfolio includes the upcoming How I Live, a character led film about global pediatric oncology,  Under the Turban (2016), a feature length documentary examining Sikhism, which premiered at The United Nations Film Festival. Her film, In the Spirit of Laxmi (2011) premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, went on to win Best Short Documentary at The Gold Coast Film Festival and screen at numerous festivals around the world. Her film Shooting for Democracy (2008) looks at the democratic elections in Bhutan and the United States through the voices of youth in each country.
Meghan graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts from the George Washington University (2004) during which time she was a fellowship for EJS Women’s Leadership Program.  

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Michael Rogers, Director


Meghan Shea, Director


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