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The Team

Photo credit: Rudy Project

Held in May every year and consisting of 21 stages of breathtaking racing throughout the Italian Peninsula, the Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) is more than just a bicycle race or world class sporting event.  It is a century old tradition that touches all of Italy, uniting communities and involving everyone.  Imbedded with a top pro-cycling team competing in 2019 “The Team” will be a multi-episode original documentary series which will go beyond the competition and showcase the many different aspects of the race that make it an important part of Italian and world cycling culture.

Each episode will capture an intimate and intense look at racing at the highest level while also exploring everything that makes the event exciting not only from a racing standpoint but in its preparation and surrounding fanfare as well.  The series will be a true celebration of the beauty, passion and tradition of cycling and the global accessibility and importance of endurance sports.

Produced and directed by award winning filmmaker and avid cyclist Jon Dunham, “The Team”  is currently in development.  Filmmakers Collaborative, a Massachusets 501(c)(3) non-profit, is the project’s fiscal sponsor.  This page has been established to assist in raising funds for the development of the production and set this dramatic and never before told story of cycling on its way to becoming reality!

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