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Private: The Master Palindromist

Coming Soon:  A documentary film about Barry Duncan, a Master Palindromist honing his reversibility skills in an effort to reassess his life, and possibly change the world. Currently in production, this is Rossi’s first feature length documentary film. 

At a time when all Americans are reassessing their lives, The Master Palindromist explores the depths of reversibility, both literally and spiritually, in entertaining fashion. Despite Barry Duncan’s innate tendency to always reverse, his life forces him to move forward. This is a coming-of-age story about passion, creativity, oddity, patience, and the power of one’s intellect. The film follows Barry through the ups and downs of applying his mastery of the alphabet towards a practical lifestyle, confronting the demons of unemployment at age fifty-five, struggling with not being in an intimate relationship, and navigating the unknown path towards minor fame. Where will it lead for Barry? Brief, odd celebrity? Recognition by peers and former colleagues? A love interest? A way to survive financially? Or possibly, a chance to change the world? 

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