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The Conversations

A film by Conversation Productions

“If it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us!”
Jamila, Rohingyan Sexual Violence Survivor

‘Othering’ precedes genocide, permits acts of sexual violence and keeps survivors feeling helpless and alone. THE CONVERSATIONS challenges ‘othering’ by reaching across cultures to create real conversations between survivors of sexual violence around the world and showcasing the commonality of their stories, hopes and fears.

Sexual violence survivors have mountains to overcome, both physically and mentally. After being raped, many survivors find themselves ’othered’ again, shunned by society for the unspeakable sexual violence that was inflicted upon them. They are left to suffer in silence, often without the resources needed to begin the healing process. One crucial step to recovery is being able to say the truth out loud, which often seems like an insurmountable goal. Only by breaking down the silence of ‘othering’ can the healing process begin.

Among survivors of sexual violence, there are no cultural barriers; there is no ‘othering’. Survivors universally share the desire to reach out to one another, to communicate, to find strength and heal through mutual support.

In an hour-long documentary, THE CONVERSATIONS shatters the confines of ‘othering’ by engaging sexual violence survivors from around the world in direct conversations with each other. Utilizing mobile phones, survivors are connected in real conversations, as they share their stories, their fears, their questions, their losses, and their hopes. THE CONVERSATIONS taps into the universal themes of survival, compassion and dignity, while opening the door to the healing power of speaking out and telling one’s truth.

By doing what has never been done before, THE CONVERSATIONS will create a multi-cultural, supportive community of sexual violence survivors founded on the power of collective understanding and conversation.

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