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The Chronic Adventure Story

A film by Eric Bergquist

An Analogy Pictures Production

“Ever dream things could happen exactly the way you wanted? When you realize how many ways this story plays out, you’re going to laugh your ass off.” — McGinnis, THE CHRONIC ADVENTURE STORY

One day Samuel Gibson finds himself in a lawsuit over his bestselling novel—but this all looks too familiar; like he’s lived through this already; like this story has been told before…

THE CHRONIC ADVENTURE STORY puts the viewer in the seat of the storyteller; doing what has never been done before. Composed of four acts, each structured in a way that they can be arranged in any order, the narrative presents a multitude of ways to view the same story. Borrowing from our high school stats lessons; finding the factorial of the total number of acts, we arrive at a total 24 ways to view the same narrative. Utilizing a form of storytelling never seen before, THE CHRONIC ADVENTURE STORY presents audiences with the world’s first ever rearrangeable narrative; comprising elements of both a film and a tv series bundled in one.

The concept has been a passion of Eric Bergquist’s since he was a student in college; it’s true aim being to educate, despite being a form of fiction; it’s premises serving to deconstruct the traditional three-act narrative arc while also demonstrating the overt impact of mathematics on our perception. Having aligned his efforts as a student around SMPTE (the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)—providing opportunities for students to learn about the film and media industries while meeting professionals in their field—years later Eric seeks to follow down the same path; allowing youth on set for the unique opportunity to shadow cast and crew members while learning about the ins and outs of production for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The production is currently gearing up for filming in the heart of Boston, employing a talented and heavily local cast and crew, and with even such components as an application for a patent on the way. The team hopes the project will serve as an enduring source of creative inspiration; and a novel addition to the world of film and television. 

Associated Members

Eric Bergquist, Director