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The Chronic Adventure Story

A film by Eric Bergquist

An Analogy Pictures Production

“Ever dream things could happen exactly the way you wanted? When you realize how many ways this story plays out, you’re going to laugh you’re a** off.” — McGinnis, THE CHRONIC ADVENTURE STORY

The following feature will serve as a foray into the first ever case example of a rearrangeable narrative in cinema and deliver an innovative new application for NFTs in motion picture.

“Coming-to in the middle of a civil lawsuit hearing over his bestselling novel, author Sam Gibson quickly finds himself the center of scrutiny over his famed novel. Upon claims that he plagiarized his narrative, with no rhyme or reason to be where he is, Sam must now uncover the root of his accusations.

Confronting friends and confidants alike, Sam must gather all of the support he can to corroborate his case. But with many of these characters playing an equally complicit role in his narrative, doing just this may not be so easy. Nonetheless, Sam must power on to prove his innocence.

Faced with a plaintiff armed with a background in literature, math, and physics, Sam must now come back with measurably equal wit and prowess–and tell an original story–if he is to win his case and avoid indictment from the bodies before him…”

Introducing a level of innovation unseen in cinema, THE CHRONIC ADVENTURE STORY puts the viewer in the seat of the storyteller, doing what has never been done before. Providing a narrative of 4 acts, rearrangeable in any order; utilizing mathematics with a blend of psychology and literary technique, the pilot will deliver over 24 different variations of the same narrative for viewers to enjoy.

With the existing innovation behind the project, the team recently decided that it would pursue a distribution strategy involving the delivery of these episode variations in the form of NFTs. This will ensure the experience is arbitrary for viewers while providing individual investors the opportunity to own and display their own variations of the narrative as they please. By executing the series’ delivery in this way, the team anticipates that this in turn will create a rally for viewers to try and sneak a peek at these different iterations whatever way they can; delivering a social experience like no other.

The resulting product will present an experimental foray into human psychology with further implications into areas of sociology. It will also serve as an important case example for the potential of NFT technology, as well as a general symbol for the growing technology to come.

As part of the production’s efforts to furthermore ensure the future of cinema, Eric Bergquist and the Analogy Pictures team will also be taking steps to involve youth on set during the course of filming the pilot as part of its Sidekicks in Cinema initiative. Provided the production is able to raise the funds that it needs to move forward, the team’s current plan is to begin filming in the Fall of 2022.

Associated Members

Eric Bergquist, Director


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