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A 3 Worker Films Production

Swell takes place on the outskirts of a town where a brother and sister, who have lived in isolation for 17 years, wake up one morning to find their adoptive mother has disappeared. As they struggle to locate her, a mysterious man appears on their property with a questionable proposition and a police deputy is called shortly after. Ulterior motives, family dynamics, paranoia and a unique invention fuel this thriller in real time.

In addition to being an entertaining, tense, mysterious and often funny story, Swell explores the breakdown of communication and discourse in our society. Through its action and dialogue, it examines how we process our information, and how quickly a situation can deteriorate as a result of a simple misunderstanding. As the characters interact, they reveal how people talk to each other but don’t really hear what is being said; how assumptions and misinterpretation can exacerbate circumstances; and how someone’s past experiences can prevent them from seeing the truth that is in right front of them.

The film is set in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. The claustrophobic interior of this confined space adds to the tension of the film, while the remoteness of its surroundings emphasizes the characters’ separation from the rest of society.

Robbie Tann – Director

Sally Northrop – Producer

Associated Members

Sally Northrop, Producer


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