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Superframe: Screen confessions of a life long animator trailer

Superframe is a story of immigration, of artistic and personal challenges, a story of invention and creativity in the face of adversity, a story of following your dreams, and confronting stage 4 cancer with humor… and animation, of course.

As such, Eduardo’s body of animated work, which reflects the revolutionary technological advances in the industry over the last 50 years, will be the framing device for the documentary.

To complement the body of work, original animation created specifically for the program by a team of animators and graphic artists will visually and conceptually tie together the different phases, both artistic and personal, of Eduardo’s life.

Additionally, the 30 minute documentary will incorporate interviews and observational scenes with Eduardo, his family and colleagues, as well as archival footage and photographs to reveal the relationship between his animation and his personal story.

Who makes this movie?

EDUARDO DARINO – CoDirector- Co-Producer
Fulbright fellow 73-74 is an Uruguayan director, animator and cartoonist. He specializes in animation in a career that spans 55 years.

LUCIA DARINO – Associate Producer
She has a Master from Columbia University and is bilingual Spanish-English focusing on Latin American heritage. Next to his father directed the ecological series SAVE THE EARTH, NATURE IN DANGER, SCIENCE 2000 for Satcom Digital, and for GalaVision MODA AL DIA – FASHION NEXT.

HOWARD SILVER – Principal photography & Editor
EMMY Award –Local Arts Programming for City Arts. EMMY Award PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE CBS series.
Academy Oscar nominee.for Outstanding Videotape Editing for PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE.
Academy Award nominee Best Short Documentary.AT THE EDGE OF CONQUEST: CHIEF WAI.

EMILY L. ADEYANJU – Narration writer
Writer for: Columbia University Web, TV blogs and clips. Published Work “The Undertaker,” Twilight Musings.
Editor: Carpe Diem; associate editor of The Spectrum. Contributing writer, The Pixel.
Producer-director of Award winner film “SEASONS OF HARLEM”.

FERNANDA ROSSI – Script development consultant
2007 Academy Award® Nominee – Best Short Documentary Category. Recycled Life, by Leslie Iwerks. She is the author of “Trailer Mechanics”, hundreds of articles and blogs on documentary fundraising, is story consultant among others for Future by Design, Back to Bosnia, In the Shadows, The Pink Room, Ballou and many others.


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