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Stranger at the Gate

Mohannad Malas
Dr. Conrad Fischer, MD
John W. Kiser

PURPOSE: Stranger at the Gate is a new work in filmmaker Joshua Seftel’s Emmy-nominated series of short films challenging people to rethink their assumptions and misconceptions about Muslims. The series has been seen by 70 million people to date.

GOAL: We are near the completion of the film. We are currently raising funds to pay for finishing costs including music, sound mix, color, and distribution costs.

THE STORY: U.S. Marine Richard “Mac” McKinney had planned to return home to Muncie, Indiana as a hero – in an American flag-draped coffin. But that didn’t happen. Instead, after 25 years of service, he returns alive and filled with an all-consuming rage. Still fueled by his desire to die for his country, he plans to bomb the local mosque. But when he comes face to face with the community of Afghan refugees and others of Muslim faith that he seeks to kill, his plan takes an unexpected turn.

DISTRIBUTION PLAN: The film will initially play at film festivals in the US and abroad. Then we will find a distribution platform to reach the broadest possible audience. Previous films from the series have been distributed by New York Times, USA Today, Vox, AJ+, Gizmodo, and many others.

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Josh Seftel, Independent Filmmaker