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Stories from the Spectrum

A new film series by Kathryn Dietz

STORIES FROM THE SPECTRUM is series of short films that explore the realities of life on the autism spectrum for older teens, adults, and their families. The profiles are of individuals whose challenges range from mild to severe, in each case showing the beauty and strengths that they bring to the world. Film has the power to confer dignity on its subjects and this is the aim of the series: to encourage those facing new diagnoses, and to celebrate and give voice to people who often have none.

So far Ms. Dietz has completed two films. “The Snow Ball” shows teenaged boys working together in a friendship-building class to plan a semi-formal dance. “Team of Brothers” features a teenaged girl who finds a place to belong on a men’s disability hockey team. She has partially shot a third film, “One Step at a Time,” about an ultra marathoner and artist, and has two new films in development, “Henry’s World” and “Date Night,” which are described in more detail on this site.  Every story in the series will be completely different, while also tapping the kindness, good humor, and courage that make life good for everyone. 

Ms. Dietz also hopes to create a few Virtual Reality films for the series, some aimed at neurotypicals and others for autistic viewers. Those on the spectrum, for example, might find immersive VR films about birthday parties or visits to a medical office helpful in diffusing some of the tension associated with those events in real life. Those who have never engaged with someone on the spectrum might find a VR film like “The Enemy,” which brought combatants in three conflict zones face to face, to be an eye-opening introduction to a world they have never imagined.         

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