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Still Out of Balance

A Tom Jackson Production

With the election of a climate change denier to the presidency of the United States, production of a follow up to the only documentary video expose ever made about ExxonMobil— “Out of Balance”— is all the more important to complete and distribute. Not only has Donald Drumpf called climate change “a hoax”, perpetrated by the Chinese, he is also considering career denier and fossil fuel lobbyist, Myron Ebell, for the head position at the EPA, and is apparently considering former ExxonMobil president and CEO Lee Raymond (who we discussed in “Out of Balance” ten years ago) for Secretary of State, and current EM president and CEO Rex Tillerson for the same position. With these recent developments, the need to finish production and move on through post production as quickly as possible, so that the world can hear — as it did in 2007— why ExxonMobil has been under legal scrutiny for their handling of the issue of climate change— an issue that they have known the truth about for decades.

“Still Out of Balance” will be a 60-90 minute expose´ of the escapades of one of the largest and most dangerously dishonest companies on the planet– ExxonMobil. Following up on the original expose of ExxonMobil, “Out of Balance: ExxonMobil’s Impact on Climate Change”, produced ten years ago, independent documentary director Tom Jackson reopens the case against ExxonMobil and travels all the way to ExxonMobil headquarters to ask their top brass why they played dumb on the issue of climate change for decades while their own scientists had told them decades ago that burning fossil fuels was going to create a major problem.

Through interviews with the world’s leading authorities on the effects of climate change, including Bill McKibben, Neela Banerjee of InsideClimate News, climate scientist Michael Mann and others, Still Out of Balance will go beyond the headlines to gain an understanding of just how dangerous ExxonMobil’s leadership role in climate change denial has been. And this time, we talk directly with two Exxon scientists who prove that Exxon knew about this problem all the way back in the 1970s — and the company chose to pay for lies to be told to the public through K Street “think tanks” ever since. Exxon’s climate change denial while knowing the truth is the biggest conviction on ExxonMobil’s rap sheet, but it is far from the only one. Still Out of Balance will also look at additional ExxonMobil actions since Out of Balance was first released in early 2007, showing as we did ten years ago, that it’s all part of the oil behemoth’s modus operandi.

We have a bit more to do for production, and then we hope to hire specific seasoned professionals for graphics and editing. Each of those will come at a significant cost. We cannot do this without your help. Your tax deductible contribution will help to complete this important documentary and then we will be on our way to getting it in front of as many people as possible.

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