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A film by Bill Plympton

“Slide” The tale of a mythical cowboy showdown with eco-villains intent on paving over idyllic Sourdough Creek. Plympton’s wit and surreal animation takes on the fight for the wild west’s fading glory, peppered with swinging western tunes. 
In “Slide”, a guitar-playing cowboy enters the lumber camp of Sourdough Creek to clean up the corruption wrought on the town by 2 obese twins, Zeke and Jeb. Most of the action occurs around the local dance hall/whorehouse, “The Lucky Buck Saloon.” One of the “hostesses,” Delilah, has ambitions to leave the sex trade and become a star singer in the club. At this auspicious moment, the town is attacked by an evil creature called the “Hellbug,” who haunts the town and attempts to end the ecological disaster caused by the greedy twins. To combat the bug, the evil twins enlist a battery of despicable assassins, each one worse than the other. And if that’s not exciting enough, a caravan of Hollywood movie-makers are arriving in Sourdough Creek to make their newest blockbuster feature, “Escape From Ecstasy,” starring the biggest movie star, Veronica Saltwater, who despises bugs. It becomes an epic clash of moral and cultural opposites drawn by only one person, Mr. Plympton. A truly handmade film. 
“Slide” is also a wacky musical”. The songs are penned by my favorite musician, singer Maureen McElheron, with whom I performed in the late 70’s around the bars of downtown New York. She also wrote the beautiful music from “Your Face,” “The Tune” and the hit film “I Married A Strange Person.” The music for “Slide” is reminiscent of 40’s honky-tonk from such artists as Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, and performed by the brilliant Hank Bones and Maureen McElheron, who I still owe money to, and that’s why I’m using the wonderful facilitates of “Filmmakers.”
I’m now in the post-production phase of creating “Slide.” The design, animation, music, voices, backgrounds are all completed and it looks beautiful! It’s different from any other animated film I’ve ever seen. But now we have to put all the pieces together and pay off my numerous debts that occured because of the Covid epidemic. Plus, I need financing for my sales and publicity campaign. Fortunately “Filmmakers” makes this film a non-profit so all donations are tax deductible. 
As with my earlier films, I hope to take “Slide” to the important market festivals to make sales to theatrical, TV, and digital platforms. Festivals such as Cannes (we’ve already had interest), Toronto, Annecy, Stuttgart, and numerous others. Also, I expect to do the comic-con circuit, where I’m very popular. I already have a sales deal with ED Distribution in France and I have substantial interest from Spain, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, and Argentina. 

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