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Road Trip

A young man is invited to embark on a precarious cross-country journey by his estranged father in a beat-up old car. Along the way he uncovers mysteries of friendship, family, love, and what secrets are enclosed in the sealed container in the trunk.

On the heels of Frederick’s 18th birthday,  a strange man appears at his door on Cape Cod to give him an envelope from his deadbeat father with a single car key, the name of a mechanic, and a California address with a date and time on it just a few weeks into the future. Frederick’s curiosity gets the best of him as he sets out to uncover mysteries of his past, friendship and love – and the suspicious sealed container in the trunk of his 1968 Dodge Polara. Along the way he is guided by Billy, the neighborhood mechanic, Nick, his privileged best friend with overbearing parents, and Maeve, a young Irish woman on her own cross-country journey across the US. In this coming-of-age-story, Frederick gains the courage to step into the next phase of his life with the beauty of the open road as his back-drop.

DIRECTOR: Adam Moyer




Associated Members

Uncommon Productions, Independent Filmmaker