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Report Card: Danger of Failing


The Emmy Award winning Noube Productions documentary will examine the high school education
system in the inner cities. This documentary will interview students, teachers, parents and administrators , challenge the inequities in our local education system, expose the perspectives of those affected, and highlight possible solutions. The 60-minute feature film will be organized into four sections: Current State of Education, Race and Identity, Family Engagement, and Successful Teaching Pedagogy. The goal is to find solutions to help inner city students reach their fullest potential and prepare students for success in their lives beyond school. We will focus on high school students in hopes to increase their investment and sense of urgency regarding their education. This film will strive to provide unbiased perspective, reflection and action steps on how to model and sustain best practices for students to achieve success.

Public Benefit

Gateway communities like Brockton, Lynn, New Bedford, Lawrence, and Lowell have historically been
underserved and underfunded which has disproportionately impacted inner city students. This
documentary will highlight the need for options and opportunities, and offer solutions and strategies for
success. Specifically, this documentary will address the impact of:

• Career & Technical Education
• School Choice
• Representative & well trained professional staff
• Family Engagement
• Laws & Policies affecting student success

The film will be used as professional development for staff and administrators on ways they could improve and better serve their respective communities given the different models that will be showcased. It will be shown to school boards and local officials to develop policies and laws that will increase funds and therefore opportunities for students and staff. Additionally, as a licensed certified vocational TV production teacher, Noube Productions is committed to hire former students as staff to continue their development and learning about the process of creating a documentary.



Track Record of Success

In 2009, Noube Productions was founded. Since its inception, Noube Productions has produced 6 consecutive award winning films, two regional Emmy Nominations and 1 regional Emmy Award for Best documentary. Previous documentaries have covered social issues such as, fatherhood, drug addiction, gun control, inner city sports, policing and immigration. Each topic providing an unbiased perspective challenging each viewer to think outside of their own views. We screen the documentaries with interactive panel discussions at cinemas, high schools, colleges, conferences engaging students and adults guiding them on appropriate action steps.



Viewer Quotes

Sharon Wolder
“I Am You is one of the most powerful thought provoking documentaries I’ve seen.Everyone should have this learning experience. It challenges your thinking, allows the viewer to grapple with the complexities of immigration in America – the pain, loss, determination, hope… Incredible, timeless and so much more. Thank you Noube, Will and all who bravely told their stories and shared points of view. This work is unforgettable!”

Dr Susan Szachowicz
“AWESOME, AMAZING, POWERFUL- Noube you will move people with this. This is the conversation the country should have rather than screaming at each other. THANK YOU for doing this – you did give a voice to the voiceless. And your voice educates others. And thank you for sharing this night – I was honored to be there”

Laura Marcelle Luna
“ Protect, Serve and Care was so much more than an indictment, it was an invitation. An invitation to talk about how minority communities are impacted by their relationships with law enforcement, to grieve by proxy and remember those who have died. To hear how other factors in our Black and Latino communities further perpetuate violence and poverty. This was moving in all the right places, thought provoking”

Christina Bermingham
“My students loved the film. We met again yesterday and it was the most engaged I’ve seen students when discussing the complex issues around race and policing”



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