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Reconnecting Roots

A production of lilDRAGON

We are all getting swept up in a tidal wave of change called ‘progress.’ But somewhere among all this upgrading, updating, and modernizing, it might be a good idea to take a deep breath and check in on what is being lost.
Life is moving forward so fast, both technologically and culturally. How do we stay attached to the roots that made us? That’s what Reconnecting Roots is all about— taking a moment to reflect on the heritage that is still all around us, and using it to spark conversation across generations.
We are committed to sharing the stories that can illuminate the past and guide us forward.
Reconnecting Roots is a half-hour docu-series about American history and progress. We liken it to a Ken Burns meets Bill Nye the Science Guy take on history, but Reconnecting Roots has a flavor all its own. In each episode, we explore history, culture, and music; and encourage the viewer to ask questions and strive to learn more.

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Joel McAfee, Producer


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