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Project Forgotten

A college student experiences Groundhog’s Day, repeating the same day over and over again, while noticing women of color are inexplicably being replaced by White women.

Director’s Statement: 

PROJECT FORGOTTEN is a psychological/social thriller that takes the question “what happens to the forgotten?” and personifies it into reality. What physically happens to a person’s voice when it is silenced? How do you explain code-switching with a visual? What does it feel like for Black students to attend a PWI (Pre-dominantly White Institution)? What does privilege look like in its most exaggerated form? How does the world continue to turn when a person goes missing? PROJECT FORGOTTEN aims to personify these questions. More importantly, this film wants to bring visual attention to the disappearance of women of color that never seems to have adequate media coverage. This short film will act as a pilot for a social-thriller based anthology series.

HipStory Films Mission:

Established in 2014, HipStory’s Film Division continues to grow into a unique and socially aware video and film production company. From producing Music Videos to short films, HSF uses film as a starting point to create a platform for marginalized voice. HipStory Films has worked with various prestigious organizations including Northeastern University, Museum of Fine Arts & Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, HUB Week, MIT, Company One, and All Def Digital, and hopes to continue to grow its influence on both outside and immediate communities. We believe in creating a unique piece of work while maintaining the vision and authenticity of the artist.

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