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Port of Destiny: Peace

A film by SellersEaston Media and Hey Abbott! Entertainment

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won international praise for signing a peace agreement to end five decades of civil war that left some 260,000 people dead and 8 million displaced. His persistence transformed a country that was once the murder capital of the world into a global destination for investment and tourism. Port of Destiny tells the story of Santos’ path to peace: As Defense Minister he waged war on FARC, a terrorist guerrilla movement; as President, he brokered peace—but paid a steep political price. Featuring interviews with former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, the films draws on deep access to its Colombian subjects to tell the story of how this former military hawk risked his career and his legacy to bring peace to his people.

SellersEaston Media, together with the film team of Emmy-award winning director Robert Abbott, traveled to Bogota, Colombia, and the formerly FARC-controlled surroundings to interview President Juan Manuel Santos, his family, political leaders on all sides of the spectrum, and victims of the 50 years of violence. Former President Clinton and Prime Minister Blair, also interviewed by SellersEaston, offer intimate perspectives on their friend and fellow statesman, and reflect on the lessons his struggle holds for other conflicts around the globe.

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