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One Shot

A film by Christian Chapra

PRODUCER: Christian Chapra

“One Shot” came to me in one of those little fits of inspiration that make me believe in the divine muses. Head Detective Jean Davidson, highly decorated, and her captain’s chief asset, is lying in an alley, with a gunshot wound to her left shoulder. She is in pain, but you should see the other fellow. Actually, he isn’t a fellow. A wave of regret washes over her as she realizes that this is little more than an adult, little less than a kid. As his lifeless eyes stare at her, reflected in a pool of his own blood, she sees it: a thumb drive he dropped. She gingerly reaches forward, and picks it up. Looking both ways down the alley to ensure she is unobserved, she puts the drive in her pocket, and then calls for assistance.

Detective Davidson is getting dressed in the local hospital. She hates hospitals, and never got used to them; whether visiting victims families, or being treated for her own injuries. The doctor walks in, and gives her the all clear for the gunshot wound; a through-and-through. But just as the Detective gets ready to leave, the doctor stops her…and gently asks her to sit down. Jean has never felt a shock of fear like this before. Slowly, and with very deliberate speech, words begin to tumble out of the doctor’s mouth. For Jean they are all one noise, with only a few distinguishable words: “Routine scan”, “Double checked”, “Need you to follow up”, “I’m so sorry”, “Cancer”. Jean wants to discuss treatment options. The doctor ruefully shakes his head, because it is Ovarian Cancer. It can sneak up on the patient, and pronounce a death sentence, when it is too late for treatment. Jean, now in a haze, asks the doctor for his discretion. She will tell her Captain. How much time? Perhaps a month, maybe a little more.

What now? What about the thumb drive? And why did Jean not want to log it as evidence? What will she do with the time she has left? Who is that dead boy? And what legacy will she leave behind? These are some of the questions that will be answered when we bring “One Shot” to the screen.

Your financial support will bring “One Shot” to life! The budget for this film is $50,000, which will pay for the best actors, crew, and equipment I can find.

All donations are tax-deductible. All donations, whatever the amount, will receive an email thank you, production updates, and festival notices. Rewards begin at donations of $25 and more.

$25 – Shout out on Facebook and Twitter
$50 – Above rewards + Bumper sticker with film’s logo, and message: “I helped make the movie ‘One Shot’.”
$100 – Above rewards + Listed as a contributor on end credits
$250 – Above rewards + Bullet shaped Keychain, with “One Shot” engraving.
$500 – Above rewards + Personalized signed copy of the screenplay
$750 – Above rewards + Listed as an Associate Producer on the credits
$1,000+ – Above Rewards minus Associate Producer credit. Instead, Executive Producer credit, and invitation to online preview, with opportunity to give feedback.

Thank you.

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