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OBT Music

OBT Music is a true “film music” library.
All of the music in the OBT Film Music Library (OBT Music) was composed by Tom Phillips and Tom Martin for films that they’ve scored. The scope of those films has ranged from documentary films, to museum installations and even artsy corporate films, covering a wide range of periods, styles and instrumentation. The search engine is set up in “film speak” and is incredibly logical and easy to use. New music cues are added on regular basis.
Currently there are close to 3,000 music cues in the library. Anyone can go to “search music library” and use the search engine to find and audition all of the music in the library and then download mp3s to try in their film.

Membership is required to download .wav files and to receive rights to use the music.

Associated Members

Tom Phillips, Composer


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